True Involvers

Who is Kanikus?
We’re true involvers – meaning we make sure your key people and teams stay connected to the project throughout.

Why? Because it’s the only way to make sure you get exactly what you want – which is our goal for every engagement.

Sometimes consultants abandon projects before they are finished. We do not. Others hire more people to ease the workload. That’s not our style either. Instead, we focus on relationship building.

Strong relationships build trust – and trust helps keep your people stay involved and engaged.

It’s not that we’re asking you to look over our shoulder throughout the entire project. Rather, we regularly report to stakeholders on key project milestones and highlight the core business benefits to be achieved.

If the project encounters turbulence, you are the first to know. With strong relationships across teams already established, solving the inevitable problems that come up is easier and faster.

By the time the project goes live, you will have a solid picture of what to expect – because you’ve been along for the entire journey.

That’s the value of involvement.


Some hundred years ago, during the industrial revolution, a lot of innovation became the foundation for the modern society we have today.

The leaders that drove the innovation, e.g., the invention of the steam engine, would today be called engineers or inventors, but at that time they were called Mekanikus’.

The name Kanikus is inspired by those innovators with their curiosity and their unstoppable momentum.

We got many successful cases behind us