SAP Sales Cloud implementering
Envases Europe A/S

SAP Sales Cloud Implementering

SAP Sales Cloud implementering med integration til SAP ERP backend 


Optimizing sales cycle efficiency

Envases Europe chose Kanikus as SAP Sales Cloud implementation partner

Envases Europe is the leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality metal food packaging for a wide range of industries.

Envases Europe needed a system to centralize data and enable collaboration with other departments involved in the sales process in order to increase efficiency, transparency, traceability, and provide insight to drive fact based sales planning.

SAP Sales Cloud would enable them to accomplish this, and together with SAP's standard integration to SAP ERP and Server Side Outlook integration this would make an optimal match.

SAP finalist

Key aspects of the implementation:

Standardize sales process across departments
Improve quote consistency
Improve efficiency in sales and reporting

The Mission:

From MS Office to one Centralized Sales Cloud

Envases Europe did not have any CRM tool, but managed the sales process manually and individually utilizing several MS Office applications.

The objective for implementing SAP Sales Cloud was to standardize the sales process by centralizing data in one application, bringing real-time visibility, transparency and efficiency.

Use the SAP C4C standard sales process as the structured baseline for harmonized and optimized work routines for the sales representatives.

Improved Sales Process
Structured sales process with guided user input to ensure high data quality with collaboration between sales and other departments.
Centralized customers and competitors market intelligence combined with real-time pipeline view to provide a fact based foundation to optimize sales planning. 360 degree customer overview including data from external systems to optimize sales agents insight before engaging with customers
Standardizing Quotes
Standardized and streamlined the quote process with a quote engine with guided data entry to build the quote with terms and conditions highly increasing the sales agents efficiency when creating quotes.

SAP C4C According to Evases Europe​

"The C4C solution is a perfect opportunity for Envases Europe to improve the performance of the employees.

The possibility to update the salespeople with customer info prior a customer meeting is a truly important feature.
Furthermore the features in the system are requiring input to trigger the output, which makes the system a unique win/win for both employer and employee."

"I started working at Envases Europe 6 months ago, and C4C gave me the best possible start, because it creates a great overview of the customers I handle. It is easy to get a simple overview of historic data, as well as all the general information I need.

C4C is also a great tool to use in the preparation phase of a meeting, because we can get a preparation report generated right away, with all the information we need. In the past we spent a lot of time preparing for meetings, but with C4C it is much faster, and we are sure that all the data are up to date.